Foreign Body in the Eye

Just as the name suggests, a foreign body in the eye is a particle, material, or substance that is not supposed to be there. Symptoms of a foreign body in the eye can vary with the size of the particle and where it is located.

Itchy Eyes and Ocular Allergies

Eye Allergies are a very common type of conjunctivitis. They are not contagious and vary greatly in their severity. The most common symptoms of eye allergies are itching, swelling, and redness of the eyes.

Pink Eye and Conjunctivitis

We need to NOT use the term “pink eye” and instead use “conjunctivitis.” The conjunctiva is the clear superficial layer of tissue that covers the surface of the eyes and the insides of the eyelids. Inflammation or infection of this tissue is called conjunctivitis.

Watering Eyes (Epiphora)

Epiphora is a common condition in which tears cannot exit the eye and pour over the eyelids causing a watering eye. Common symptoms of the epiphora are tears running over the eyelids, dermatitis of the eyelids, and crusting and mattering of the eyelashes.

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