If you are like millions of other people around the country today who suffer from dry eyes, Complete Family Eyecare is now proud to announce that we are now offering a unique contact lens made especially for this condition.


Cooper My Day contact lenses are specifically designed for people suffering from dry eyes and have difficulty wearing contact lenses for extended periods of time. These new type of contact lens offers a higher level of oxygen flow to the eye surface that reduces drying of the eyes.


One of the most common complaints that we at Complete Family Eyecare hear from our patients who wear contact lenses is that they contacts make their eyes feel dry. It is especially prevalent in adults over the age of 40 as well as frequent computer users.


Dry eye syndrome is a condition whereby the eyes fail to produce sufficient amount of tears needed for proper lubrication of the ocular surface. With normal tear evaporation (which increases in dry environments), your eyes will begin to feel dry and itchy. You’re definitely not alone as dry eye syndrome affects millions of individuals all over the world and also happens to be one of the most common reasons why a patient visits their optometrist. If not properly treated, dry eye syndrome can actually lead to some further eye and vision problems.


Contact lenses act as a barrier between the outside air and the cornea. This barrier reduces the oxygen flow, which creates an environment that can make the eyes feel uncomfortable and itchy.


Hard contact lenses, because of the type of material used in their construction, are much more efficient in allowing more flow of oxygen through the lens material. However, the “break in cycle” is much longer than with soft lenses. On the other hand, their soft counterparts have relatively shorter break in cycle and can be a bit easier to get used to.


Cooper’s My Day lenses are able to combine the everyday replacement routine of soft contact lenses (which use a hydrogen silicone technology) with an increased oxygen flow to the eye. They use a new material called stenfilicon A that forms channels into the lens’ silicon matrix that make the lens even more efficient when it comes to delivering oxygen to the cornea. Because of the channeling effect, less silicon is used in the lenses, making it more wettable or hydrophilic leading to better comfort.


The Prior Lake eye doctor staff will be more than happy to assist you when choosing an appropriate contact lens for your custom needs. The contacts are available in an everyday wear mode and many dry eye patients have already experienced great results with its use.

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