Heightened Clinic Safety Protocols and Importance of Annual Eye Examinations 

Annual Eye Examinations are an integral part of your overall preventive care and we are very pleased that optometrists can once again offer this important service to our patients. Not only does your annual visit test your vision but can also detect early signs of diabetes, hypertension, and inflammatory diseases such as arthritis in addition to vision threatening eye diseases such as glaucoma, cataracts, and macular degeneration.

To ensure that your important visits to our clinic are safe, we have implemented new plans to protect patient and staff safety during the COVID-19 emergency. Please keep in mind that we have always promoted the highest standards of cleanliness but will now be taking extra steps in compliance with new recommendations approved by the Governor. In our ten years of operation, Complete Family Eyecare has always strived to make your visit an “experience in eye care” and not just another boring medical appointment. We truly feel that we can maintain that mission while adhering to new state safety protocols which were required to allow us to fully reopen.

What to expect at your appointment:

Below is a summary of the most important safety changes that we have implemented. However, we highly recommend that you review our full list of changes/FAQ found at this link.

  • When arriving at the clinic, please wait in your car and call the clinic line at 952-562-8116. When we are ready for your appointment, we will escort you into our clinic and into an exam room where you will be asked to wash your hands and your temperature will be taken. Patient lounge and kid’s area are closed.
  • We are discouraging family or friends from accompanying patients into the clinic unless the patient is a minor. In that case, we would prefer only one parent accompany your child.
  • All staff will be wearing a medical mask and anyone making direct contact with a patient will wear gloves.
  • As per state regulations for optometry clinics, patients will be required to wear a masks/face covering while in our clinic. Medical masks are NOT required so feel free to be creative with your face coverings. Although we have a limited number of medical masks for patients who do not have a face covering, we do ask that you bring your own face covering to help us to conserve on medical masks which are in short supply
  • Please do not enter the clinic if you have any of these COVID-19 symptoms: CDC link

We truly appreciate your understanding with the new regulations and your confidence in our clinic as we continue to deliver eye care to our awesome patients during these difficult times.

Dr. Steve and Jennifer Reinders

Chantel, Elisha, Colleen, and Kathy

P.S. Our automated patient recall/scheduling system has been reactivated and we kindly ask that all patients who receive an email or text message please confirm, reschedule, or opt of appointment time either online or by calling our office. This will greatly help us determine patient demand, plan staffing, and reschedule patients if needed to avoid too many patients in the clinic at any given time.

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